"A story beats with the heart of every person who has ever strained ears to listen. On the breath of the storyteller, it soars. Until its images and deeds become so real you can see them in the air, shimmering like oases on the horizon line." Cameron Dokey, The Storyteller's Daughter

Monday, April 3, 2017

I just spent a wonderful evening telling American history stories (and one tall tale) to a group of nearly a dozen women.  With all the experiences they have had in life, they were enthralled to hear some parts of history that they never knew, and bits and pieces of stories they hadn't fully heard before.  It's important for us to know about our own culture and stories that make up the "American experience", and so much of that can get lost if we're not actively preserving it.  The stories also got them talking about tales from their own families--these also shouldn't be lost!  We need to tell and hear each other's stories....that's how we pass culture to the next generation.  Culture is best transmitted person to person, in the spirit of love and friendship.

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