"A story beats with the heart of every person who has ever strained ears to listen. On the breath of the storyteller, it soars. Until its images and deeds become so real you can see them in the air, shimmering like oases on the horizon line." Cameron Dokey, The Storyteller's Daughter

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year to one and all!  Let's make this the year of story.  Learn some of the stories and traditions in your part of the world--folktales are everywhere and teach interesting things about our cultures.  Learn stories about your ancestors and the struggles and triumphs in their lives.  Learn about your parents and grandparents and how the world was different when they were younger.  Share these stories in  your family circles; invited a storyteller to share the cultural and folktales of your particular region (or tales throughout the world to broaden your perspective).  Revel in the joy of story!  Stories are how much of our culture has been transmitted through the years; they are also the means by which many truths have been taught and reinforced.  Happy 2015:  Year of Story!