"A story beats with the heart of every person who has ever strained ears to listen. On the breath of the storyteller, it soars. Until its images and deeds become so real you can see them in the air, shimmering like oases on the horizon line." Cameron Dokey, The Storyteller's Daughter

Friday, June 5, 2015

June is here (already) and what a glorious time of year this is!  Vacations, family reunions, picnics, travel, camping, festivals, relaxation in the sun (or shade)....did I mention story?  Hey, stories can be used at all these occasions.  Anytime stories are shared is a good time.  Ask your relatives, friends, associates, or family about their stories.  You never know when the opportunity will be missed and not come around again.  Then, share your story with them.  Stories are what bond people together, help them see their similarities and keep us human.  When you know someone's story, you truly understand another human being:  and that's beautiful!  Have a great summer!