"A story beats with the heart of every person who has ever strained ears to listen. On the breath of the storyteller, it soars. Until its images and deeds become so real you can see them in the air, shimmering like oases on the horizon line." Cameron Dokey, The Storyteller's Daughter

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer is here, and for those of us who work in the education field, it is the time to re-think, re-group, and re-create what we are doing in our lives and careers.  While I am relaxing and enjoying the sun and family time, I also like to come up with creative ideas for stories and also for my music teaching in the elementary school.  I always hope to end this precious season invigorated and refreshed with new thoughts and stories.  While you are enjoying whatever makes it "summertime" for you, whether that be camping, the beach, extra time to spend with family and friends, or whatever...be sure to tell your stories to all those around you.  My five-year-old granddaughter has decided that storytelling isn't just for grandma anymore.  She enjoys recounting stories she has heard about her parents and has even started "grouping" them--telling a couple that go together (by subject matter) in her mind.  If the pre-kindergartener can do it--you can, too.  There's no time like the present to share with those you love.  Don't forget when planning those fun summer activities to include some time for stories.  You even might want to contact a professional storyteller and get a feel for the power of story.  It truly speaks to all ages.  Happy June!