"A story beats with the heart of every person who has ever strained ears to listen. On the breath of the storyteller, it soars. Until its images and deeds become so real you can see them in the air, shimmering like oases on the horizon line." Cameron Dokey, The Storyteller's Daughter

Friday, August 5, 2011

August brings camping trips, family reunions, picnics, and of course, back-to-school activities and the inevitable END OF SUMMER!  (Has it gone as quickly for you as it has for me?)  Well, as you are having last family outings, don't forget to include storytelling with your children and grandchildren in the program.  Our family had a camping trip last week, and as we prepared to leave, one of my granddaughters asked if I was going to tell more stories.  Personal stories, family stories, folk tales, ANY story...it doesn't matter so much WHAT you tell, just as long as you DO!  As you are preparing for that back-to-school time and programs for the children during the year, why not invite a storyteller to your school and introduce your kids to the magic of story.  It's such good food for the brain and the imagination.  We need those interpersonal connections more and more as the world gets increasingly "high tech".  So...start telling,  Laurie